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Proline 4' Mulch Layer With Double drip


Standard Base Unit includes;
~Crowned Bed- for better water drainage
~Stainless Steel press bed - for extremely long life and no rust
~Extra plastic roll carrier - an extra roll for when you run out of plastic in the middle of the row
~Double Drip Attachment- Standard double drip attachment for laying 2 rolls of drip tape instead of one
~HD 20” Covering Disc – Extra heavy duty covering discs to bring in soil for maximum coverage of your plastic edges
~Covering Disc Scraper – A scraper attached to the covering disc to assure that there is no dirt buildup on the covering disc
~NEW Fold up Locking Covering Disc Assembly – Fold up covering disc assembly with a locking feature to keep them in a upright position for eae of transportation and storage
~Shovel Holder – A handy shovel holder so you can have a shovel with you at all times

Extra Options;
~A Rolling Dirt Shield - A very unique method of keeping dirt off of the plastic when laying at higher speeds. Rolling dirt shield will not tear or gouge your plastic mulch like a plastic shield will. Just adjust it to ride a few inches above the plastic mulch and if by chance the dirt shield hits the plastic it will just roll on top
~Floating Bed Press- This floating bed press is positioned behind the layer. It applies pressure to the top of the bed to create a firm soil bed. It will also level out any lumpy or stony soil.

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Weight:approx. 1,050 lb.
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