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Film Organic Biodegradable Film


Biodegradable is a new and revolutionary 100% degradable film that degrades even under soil, unlike photodegradable which degrades only in sunlight. It leaves no residues or toxicities in the ground; instead it works as a natural fertilizer. Great saving on labor for lifting plastic and landfill costs. It needs to be planted on no more than 14 days after laying it. Try a roll and see for yourself.
The Q Film is a short season plastic . Ideal for crops that mature rapidly . The S Film is for long season crops like pumpkins, tomatoes, and melons .
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Warning: Biodegradation is influenced by climate, environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and microbial activity in soil. We suggest testing a roll before buying a large quantity. In no case shall our liability exceed the original cost of the film.


Plastic & Row Cover Category: 
65 lb