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4 Mil White 70% Shade Plastic

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Category: Greenhouse Plastics & Related Hardware

4 Mil White 70% Shade Plastic

  • 10 degrees cooler – selective alteration of IR light and unsurpassed light diffusion keeps
    your greenhouse cooler by up to 10 degrees. Cooler conditions can lengthen the growing
    window each day in hotter areas, decreasing crop production times.
  • 20% Energy Savings – infrared heat retention additive can save growers up to 20% on
    nighttime heating bills
  • No water dripping – Grower proven, longest lasting anti-condensate in industry
  • Improved growth – Light diffusion means fuller, more uniform plant growth. 77% light
    transmission, 72% diffused and 5% direct
  • Reduce watering – can be reduced by up to 50%
  • Reduces the need for greenhouse shading while still providing excellent PAR light
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