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Ken-Bar Poly Convection Tubing

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Category: Greenhouse Plastics & Related Hardware

Ken-Bar Poly Convection Tubing


Ken-Bar’s poly convection tubing is available in 4 Mil weight. The polyethylene is clear and is protected with a strong ultraviolet inhibitor. The formulation of the plastic is designed for maximum light penetration and for durability in a greenhouse environment. There are several advantages to using Ken-Bar tubing:

Guarantee. Each tube is guaranteed to support the cubic feet/minute output of the fan. If there is a problem, the tubing will be replaced immediately. The 4-mil tubing is guaranteed for 1 year.

Custom Punching. Ken-Bar provides proper diameter holes and spacing that conform to fan manufacturer’s specifications. A properly designed tube will make full use of the fan’s output by distributing air evenly down the length of the greenhouse. We can custom design a tube based on your greenhouse length and fan diameter. Punch position can be varied as shown below to provide the best possible air fl ow for each situation.

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