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Stainless Steel Rinse Conveyor

Category: Food Processing Equipment

  1. How does the rinse conveyor work ?
  2. Produce enters washer on a belt conveyor .
  3. Wash stage #1 Low pressure/high volume presoaking water .
  4. Wash stage #2 Low or high pressure fresh water rinse ( depending on model )
  5. Adjustable spray bars above conveyor . Fixed spray Bars below the conveyor
  6. Pre-soaking water and fresh water rinse both enters tank below conveyor and recirculates to wash stage #1 .
  7. Circulation water moves through baffles and 2 sets of removable screens to trap dirt and leaves and prevent nozzle blockage .
  8. Produce exits washer on belt conveyor directly after fresh water rinse .
  9. Conveyor has a 24" wide belt and unit is 10' long

Stainless Steel Rinse Conveyor

Rinse conveyors are ideal for washing root crops . They take the product thru the washer and clean all the dirt off of it .

Features high or low pressure rinse selections .

High pressure is ideal for: carrots, beets ( loose or bunched ) potatoes, squash and more .

Low pressure is ideal for: Leaf lettuce and celery .

Stainless steel flat wire belt has 1/2″ x 1″ holes .

Available in painted or stainless steel

Low pressure motors are 240V, 1 ph 11 Amp . High pressure motors are 240V, 1 ph 30 Amp .                                   Also available with a 13 hp Honda engine .


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