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Warm Air Keystoker

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Warm Air Keystoker

The Keystoker furnaces are built to deliver maximum heat. At the lowest initial investment and lowest operational cost, a large silent air circulating blower will assure complete circulation of warm, filtered air throughout the entire area to be heated. The downdraft heat exchanger increases heating surface, permitting circulation of every thermal unit of heat into the warm air leader pipes for rapid distribution.

  • No Moving Parts in the Fire Box.
  • Long life automatic heat without costly repairs.
  • Low cost fuel is the key to heating economy.
  • Reliable. Heavy duty factory built gear box.
  • Entire unit factory assembled and fully tested.
  • Sealed ash pit assures clean dust-free operation
  • Multi burning options; coal, wood, oil, etc.
  • Available from 125,000 to 450,000 BTU Output.

These stoves are built to order. Many customizable features and options.

Please call for more information estimate pricing.


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