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Black Knitted Shade Cloth

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Black Knitted Shade Cloth


Our black knitted shade cloth is made from 100% UV stabilized polyethylene. Its unique lock stitch construction allows customers the ability to cut the fabric with scissors without further unraveling. Knitted shade is available in a variety of colors and stripes. Its lightweight and durability make it a superior choice for all types of shade applications.

Made from 100% polypropylene monofilament strands. UV stabilized. We can customize panels to any size. They use #4 brass grommets and 2.75” reinforcement tape. The taped edges are double stitched for extra holding power. Available in shade percentage: 30%, 74%, 55%, 63%, 73%, & 80%. Standard seams are 6’, 10’ & 12’ and any can be seamed and/or cut to make your custom width. Call 717.532.5918 for a quote. Please specify length, width, shade percentage, and grommet spacing. Allow several weeks lead time.
Material can be easily cut with household scissors. Clip-Its to hold material supplies at no extra charge along edges.8’ spacing. Shipping Wt 40 Lbs/100’. Please call with size before picking up to allow us time to cut and bundle it.

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