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Maruyama MS40LI Backpack Sprayer


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Weight: 544 oz.

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Maruyama MS40LI Backpack Sprayer


The Maruyama MS40LI electric (battery-operated) knapsack sprayer, has a tank capacity of 4 gallons, and is used for spraying of all kinds of agricultural and horticultural cultivations with diluted liquid concentrates. It has been created for the most demanding users and for precise applications, thanks to the use of an electric pump.
The Maruyama is a professional sprayer earmarked for plant protection and tending, in particular in closed facilities (e.g. under covers and in greenhouses) as well as for doing time consuming jobs in orchards, vegetable gardens, decorative plant nurseries and forest plantations and in all kinds of other cultivations. It is earmarked for the application of liquid agents and soluble substances providing plants protection from diseases, weeds or pests. Uses a Makita battery for quick change out, buy additional batteries and you can keep on spraying , no waiting for the battery to charge .

This is the same sprayer as the Dramm BP-4 sprayer we stocked previously .

Purchase of the Maruyama sprayer includes a Battery Charger and (1) Battery.