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Fogit Greenhouse Sprayer

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The Fogit Greenhouse Sprayer applies chemicals at a low volume. Because low volume application is very efficient, many users have found that they need less chemicals to achieve the same results as hand spraying. The Low volume sprayers distribute extremely fine particles into the air. These particles will stay suspended for up to 6 hours and are distributed by HAF fans and/or natural air currents. These fine particles will coat both the top and bottom sides of your plants to offer a complete coverage. The air operated Fogit requires a minimum of 2 liters of water and chemicals to treat up to 5,000 sq ft. Over 5,000 sq ft will require more liquids.  The single head unit will spray up to a 75' long greenhouse while the dual head will do up to a 150' greenhouse. Powered by air . Requires an air compressor capable of 4 cfm to operate a single head and 9 cfm for a dual head sprayer. Air pressure has to be a minimum of 25 psi. Optional air compressor and timers available. Call for details on these.

Fogit Greenhouse Sprayer


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