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Frey 500 Potting Soil Mix


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Weight: 1072 oz.

Category: Peat Moss & Potting Soil

A medium to heavyweight peat and bark-based growers mix with coconut coir and improved drainage characteristics. Provides better shelf-life quality with herbaceous and woody perennials. Ingredients: Canadian Peat Moss (30%), Coconut Coir Fiber, Processed Pine Bark Fines, Perlite, Calicitic and Dolomitic Limestone, Gypsum, Starter Fertilizer Charge with Micronutrients and Wetting Agent. Bulk density: 22-25 lbs/cf (heavy weight) PH range 6.0 – 6.5 Uses: Perennials, woody ornamentals, bedding plants Available in super sacks, or 2.8 cf bags

Frey 500 Potting Soil Mix


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