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Polycarbonate Hot Beds

$360.81 - $373.47

Weight: 6000 oz.

Category: Greenhouse Kits

Polycarbonate Hot Beds


These Hot Beds are used as a miniature greenhouses . They are a great way to start young plants until the danger of frost is past . The lid can be opened during the day to assist in ventilation . Close them at nighttime to prevent the cold air from harming the plants . Set directly on the ground, fill with several inches compost & topsoil and plant directly into it . Or set directly on the ground and set your trays and flower pots in it .

Metal framed is built with galvanized tubing.

Poly framed is built with white poly lumber .

Bed is 72″ long, 32″ wide & 15″ high .

Oversized item, must be picked up at our facility or shipped via truck freight . Call for pricing .